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Seed Fund

The MIT Energy Initiative Seed Fund Program supports innovative, early-stage research across the energy spectrum. Read more

How to decarbonize the world, at scale

The MIT Energy Initiative’s Annual Research Conference highlights strategies for implementing large-scale reductions in the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.

One of the six novel energy research projects to win an MIT Energy Initiative Seed Fund award will explore the use of space-based remote sensing to monitor energy infrastructure and emissions. Six novel energy research projects win MIT Energy Initiative Seed Fund grants
Advancing the energy transition amidst global crises

MIT Energy Initiative Annual Research Conference highlights both opportunities and obstacles in the race to a net-zero future

Porous materials designed to trap molecules

Controlling pore openings for maximum capture

Turning carbon dioxide into valuable products

DNA can help guide the process

MIT Energy Initiative awards seven Seed Fund grants for early-stage energy research

Awards support research to improve the efficiency, scalability, and adoption of clean energy technologies

Designing better batteries for electric vehicles

Materials selection for scaled-up production

Via Separations: MITEI spin-off takes aim at industrial decarbonization
MIT Energy Initiative awards eight Seed Fund grants for early-stage MIT energy research

Awards support research in battery storage, smart grids, and carbon emissions reduction

MIT Energy Initiative awards seven Seed Fund grants for early-stage energy research

Annual MITEI awards support research on methane conversion, efficient energy provision, plastics recycling, and more.

Protecting our energy infrastructure

New analysis targets cybersafety

Removing CO2 from power plant exhaust

Combining capture and disposal

Finding novel materials for practical devices

New machine learning technique can help

Fabrication of new materials

Designing “recipes” using artificial intelligence

MIT Energy Initiative awards nine Seed Fund grants for early-stage energy research

Awardees will use grants to advance research in areas including energy storage, renewables expansion modeling, and the chemistry of electrocatalysts.

Carbon-nanotube electrodes

Tailoring designs for energy storage, desalination

Strong current of energy runs through MIT

Research, education, and student activities help create a robust community focused on fueling the world's future.

State-level renewable energy policies: Strengthening critical public support
Iberdrola and MIT Energy Initiative announce $10.3 million collaboration to spur energy and environmental innovation
Liquid tin-sulfur compound shows thermoelectric potential

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