Pairing MIT’s world-class research teams with industry and government to develop solutions to the world’s energy challenges

Yang Shao-Horn of mechanical engineering and materials science and engineering (left), Livia Giordano of MIT and Milano-Bicocca University (right), and their colleagues have performed experimental and theoretical studies that provide new understanding of why certain catalysts are so effective at encouraging the release of oxygen from water during electrolysis—a key process in many energy storage devices. Credit: Stuart Darsch

This renewal agreement signed with MITEI will build on a partnership that supports the development of innovative energy projects benefiting both our company and society.

Federico Flórez
Chief information officer and innovation officer, Ferrovial

MIT Energy Initiative Member Programs contribute to a critical link in the energy innovation chain—pairing MIT’s world-class research teams with innovators in industry and government to respond to specific energy challenges and move solutions into the energy marketplace.

Member engagement facilitates key focus, research opportunities, and critical funding for the next generation of energy technologists.

About membership levels

Founding and Sustaining Members

MITEI’s Founding and Sustaining Members support “flagship” energy research programs and projects at MIT to advance energy technologies to benefit their businesses and society. They also provide seed funding for early-stage innovative research projects and support named Energy Fellows at MIT.

To date, the Seed Fund program has provided about $19.9 million for a total of 151 projects in 29 different departments, labs and centers across MIT.

Associate Members

MITEI’s Associate Members support a range of MIT research consortia, education programs, and outreach activities together with multiple stakeholders from industry, government, and academia. In general, these efforts focus on near-term policy issues, market design questions, and the impact of emerging technologies on the broader energy system.

Specific programs include the Low-Carbon Energy Centers, the Mobility of the Future Study, the Utility of the Future Study, the Associate Member Symposium Program, and the MITEI Colloquia and Seminar Series.

Affiliate Members

MITEI Affiliates are individual donors and foundations that support MITEI’s energy- and climate-related activities across the Institute.

Specific programs include the Energy Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, supplemental seed funding for early-stage innovative research projects, the MIT Energy Conference, the Tata Center for Technology and Design, and the MIT Climate CoLab.

Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits
Founding Sustaining Associate
Membership to the MITEI External Advisory Board (EAB)
Office at MITEI headquarters (optional)
Membership to the MITEI Governing Board
Membership to the MITEI Executive Committee ✓ *
Research portfolio review meetings
Financial & qualitative reports on sponsored research
Annual MITEI Members Research Conference
Associate Member consortia workshops
Associate Member symposium
Membership to the Industrial Liaison Program
Contract & research management support
Early access to a MITEI thought leadership study ✓ **
Participation in MITEI-sponsored symposia, colloquia, and seminars
Discounts for MIT symposia, colloquia, and seminars
Member-Directed Research & Activities
Member Energy Research Fund (MERF)
Development of a sponsored research portfolio
Member-directed graduate Energy Fellows **** Up to
7 Fellows
1 Fellow 1 Fellow
Collaborative Member Activities
Participation in the MITEI research seed fund ✓ ***
Multi ­member-directed research partnerships (at the discretion of the members)

* Only one member per year (rotating basis)
** If study supported by funds allocated by member
*** Consortia-specific
**** Based on current rates

Founding Members

Sustaining Members

Startup Members

Associate Members

Affiliate Members

A. Thomas Guertin PhD ’60
Adam L. Shrier SM ’60
Andrew A. Kimura ’84
Asociación Nacional de Empresas Generadoras
Aspen Technology
Bill Brown, Jr ’77
Cyril W. Draffin ’72, SM ’73
David L. desJardins ‘83
David L. Tohir ’79, SM ’82
David Wang ’00, MNG ’00
Doug Spreng ’65
Heather L. Ross PhD ’70 and Edward L. Strohbehn Jr.
Jacqueline Pappert Scarborough, in memory of Jack C. Scarborough SM ’55
Jane S. Lah  ’98 and Raghav Maliah
Jerome I. Elkind ’51, ScD ’56
John Hardwick ’86, SM ’88, PhD ’92
John M. Bradley ’47, SM ’49
Lisa Doh Himawan ’88
Michael J. Paskowitz ’00, MNG ’00 and Maria T. Paskowitz ’96, MBA ’02
Patrik Edsparr PhD ’94
Paul and Matthew Mashikian
Philip Rettger ’80
S. Jones Fitzgibbons SM ’73 and Michael Fitzgibbons SM ’73
William A. Wynot ’44
William W. Vanderson ’99, MNG ’00 and Christina L. Gehrke ’99
William Wojeski ’71 and Karen Leider ’72

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