Society of Energy Fellows

The Society of Energy Fellows at MIT is a global network of over 400 MIT students and alumni dedicated to expediting a global transition to low-carbon energy solutions.

Members of the Society of Energy Fellows are graduate students and postdoctoral researchers that have received support from MIT Energy Initiative Founding, Sustaining, and Associate members in recognition of keen interest in energy and excellence in research. The selection process is highly competitive, with an average of 24 fellows appointed each year.

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How it works

MIT graduate students and postdocs interested in applying to be an Energy Fellow should first notify their MIT faculty advisors. Applications will not be considered without a nomination from an MIT faculty member.

Once nominated by a faculty member, applicants may complete the application, which requires the attachment of:

Applications are due and funding decisions are issued in the spring, with funding administered by the affiliated department at the start of the fall semester. Funding for graduate students covers health benefits, stipend, and tuition for nine months. Funding for postdoctoral researchers covers salary and benefits for nine months.

Appointed Energy Fellows receive invitations to career development and mentorship events, networking and social events with other members, job opportunities communicated through MITEI, and MITEI member engagements.

Because Energy Fellows are sponsored entirely by outside donors, those selected have a few special obligations. They must:

For questions about the application process, funding, obligations, or member companies, please contact Em Schule.


The deadline for the 2024-2025 Energy Fellows applications is closed.

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