Online Education

MITEI is currently developing graduate-level massive open online courses (MOOCs) based on residential MIT energy classes. These courses are free to audit, and certificates of completion for academic and/or professional recognition are available to purchase.

Current courses

Sustainable Building Design will be offered February 28–May 30, 2023. In the course, students learn and explore key scientific principles, technologies, and analysis techniques for designing comfortable indoor environments while reducing energy use and associated climate change effects.

Completed courses

Sustainable Energy ran from September 13–December 13, 2022. In the course, students learn how to critically analyze modern energy technologies from engineering and socio-political perspectives, and gain the skills necessary to help the world meet rising energy demand while reducing carbon dioxide and the other greenhouse gas emissions driving climate change.

Energy Economics and Policy ran from September 13–December 6, 2022. In this course, students learn the economic principles and characteristics of various, interrelated energy markets. You’ll also study policy options and market mechanisms to drive more sustainable and equitable energy access.

Transformative Living Labs in Mobility ran from May 24–July 5, 2022. In this course, students receive an introduction to the sustainable and equitable solutions in urban mobility, and to the “living labs” model: a method of co-development among public and private actors, researchers, and civil society to accelerate innovation in climate action and sustainable urban planning and development.

Principles of Modeling, Simulation, and Control for Electric Energy Systems ran from June 22–September 14, 2021. In this course, students learn to apply a dynamic systems-level approach and engage emerging research on efficient, sustainable, and physically and economically feasible electric power systems of the future.


OpenCourseWare also offers materials from energy-related courses. OCW is a free online resource for materials from thousands of MIT courses, openly sharing the entire MIT curriculum with learners and educators around the world.