Online education

MITEI Education offers energy-related massive open online courses (MOOCs) on the MITx platform. Based on interdisciplinary, graduate level energy subjects taught at MIT, learners gain a broad perspective of future energy systems, access cutting-edge research, and gain  skills and tools necessary to expedite the worldwide transition to clean energy. Over 95,000 global learners have enrolled since the first course was offered in 2020.

All courses are free to audit, and learners may also purchase a certificate of completion for academic and/or professional credit. Learners may now also purchase a 4-course bundled Future Energy Systems XSeries at a discounted rate.

Scheduled courses

Sustainable Building Design will next be offered March 19 – June 18, 2024. In the course, students learn and explore key scientific principles, technologies, and analysis techniques for designing comfortable indoor environments while reducing energy use and associated climate change effects.

Transformative Living Labs in Mobility will next be offered July 16 – August 27, 2024. In this course, students receive an introduction to the sustainable and equitable solutions in urban mobility, and to the “living labs” model: a method of co-development among public and private actors, researchers, and civil society to accelerate innovation in climate action and sustainable urban planning and development.

Sustainable Energy will next be offered September 10 – December 10, 2024. In the course, students learn how to critically analyze modern energy technologies from engineering and socio-political perspectives, and gain the skills necessary to help the world meet rising energy demand while reducing carbon dioxide and the other greenhouse gas emissions driving climate change.

Energy Economics and Policy will next be offered September 17 – December 10, 2024. In this course, students learn the economic principles and characteristics of various, interrelated energy markets. You’ll also study policy options and market mechanisms to drive more sustainable and equitable energy access.

Archived courses

Principles of Modeling, Simulation, and Control for Electric Energy Systems: New date TBD. In this course, students learn to apply a dynamic systems-level approach and engage emerging research on efficient, sustainable, and physically and economically feasible electric power systems of the future.


Can I take MITEI courses for free?

All courses are free to audit, and most of the assignments are freely accessible except for a final summative assignment. Those interested in purchasing verified certificates for professional or academic recognition pay between $50 – $200 per course. This includes full access to all assignments, a final grade and certificate of completion, and full access to the archived course after the end date. edX does offer financial aid for certificates, covering up to 90% of the cost.

Can I complete MITEI courses for academic credit at MIT?

No, the verified certificate is not recognized as academic credit at MIT. However, MIT students are welcome to take MITEI online courses to supplement their residential learning and engage with other global learners.

Can I earn professional learning credits for completing MITEI courses?

Unless otherwise noted, ecognition of the verified certificate is at the discretion of any employer or institute. Sustainable Building Design offers the opportunity for learners who are American Institute of Architecture (AIA) members to earn 22 learning units (LUs/Elective) if they purchase and earn the verified certificate for this course.*

How can my institute or organization make MITEI course content available to our employees? 

Contact Rowan Elowe if you would like to discuss organizing an off-cycle course exclusively for your institute or organization.

How can my institution or organization sponsor a course?

Funding from external organizations allows MITEI to develop new courses, update content on existing courses, make access free and expansive, and keep certificate costs affordable.

If you would like to discuss sponsoring course development please reach Rowan Elowe.

Can other institutions collaborate on a new course? 

MITEI Education encourages collaboration across global organizations and institutions to broaden our course content and engage diverse energy challenges around the world. Please contact Rowan Elowe if you would like to discuss collaborating on a new courses.

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