The CCUS Center draws on MIT’s faculty members’ extensive existing research capability to focus on three major areas: capture, utilization, and geologic storage. To solve the challenges associated with CCUS, participants in the Center apply innovative technology in fields such as molecular simulation; materials design; catalytic processes; fluid mechanics; seismic, geodetic, and electromagnetic imaging; and systems analysis. In addition to the technology focus, the Center’s research capability includes economics, policy, regulatory, and business expertise.

Additionally, the Center’s techno-economic and systems analysis group focuses on technology assessments, economic modeling, and an analysis of the regulatory and political aspects of deploying CCUS technologies at scale. Interactions with Center members help guide the direction of this work.


CO2 reduction and utilization:

Geologic storage:

Exploratory Projects

The goal of these projects is to explore new areas that can advance the application of CCUS technology. The Center looks for innovative faculty members and challenges them to use their expertise to solve problems in CCUS through Center member-supported seed funding. The Center currently has four exploratory research projects: