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Seed Fund

The MIT Energy Initiative Seed Fund Program supports innovative, early-stage research across the energy spectrum. Read more

Using the sun’s heat to make electricity
Assessing climate impacts of energy technologies
MIT Energy Initiative Seed Fund Call
Novel bromine battery: Small-scale demo, large-scale promise
Ocean microbes display a hidden talent: releasing countless tiny lipid-filled sacs
Achieving Energy Efficiency with “Local Warming”
MIT Energy Initiative announces 2014 seed grant awards
A Brighter Future for Filtered Seawater
Urban sustainability: Designing resource-efficient, appealing cities
Incentives for green technology adoption: Getting government subsidies right
Fine-tuning porous materials for energy-efficient air conditioning
Designing high-speed motors for energy storage and more
MITEI Seed Fund Call
Novel slippery surfaces: Improving steam turbines and ketchup bottles
MIT Energy Initiative announces 2013 seed grant awards
Energy-efficient computing
Underground storage of carbon dioxide
Large-scale irrigation
Building façades that move, textiles that illuminate
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