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MITEI funds UROPs year-round

In her summer 2016 UROP, Allison R. Shepard '19 worked on optimizing the pathway that produces 4-methyl-1-pentanol (4MP), a promising biofuel that could replace petroleum-based gasoline in modern transportation vehicles.Credit: Justin Knight

MITEI’s UROP is an indispensable element of the undergraduate experience. It provides a student’s first real opportunity to work and think independently as a practicing scientist or engineer.

Robert Stoner
Director of the MIT Tata Center for Technology and Design
Deputy Director for Science and Technology at MIT Energy Initiative

What is the MITEI UROP?

The MITEI Education Office encourages all MIT undergrads interested in energy-related topics, regardless of department, to apply. While some positions might ask for previous experience, many do not.

MITEI UROPs are funded by a variety of donors, including individuals and MITEI’s member companies.

Why UROP with MITEI?

The MIT Energy Initiative supports undergraduate research during the summer, IAP, and the school year. MITEI UROPs benefit from:

There are also several additional benefits to having a MITEI UROP during the summer:

Students can also choose to do an energy-related UROP for academic credit, which counts as an elective in the Energy Studies Minor. Students working on energy-related projects without MITEI funding are encouraged to connect with MITEI and are invited to join all MITEI-sponsored events.

What are my responsibilities?

Because the MITEI UROP is sponsored entirely by outside donors, all students have a few obligations:

How do I find an energy-related UROP?

How do I apply?

We encourage everyone to apply before the priority deadline. We cannot guarantee that funding will be available for applications submitted after the priority deadline. Applying before the priority deadline is particularly important if you have had a MITEI UROP in the past. Please submit the MITEI UROP Application by the following deadlines:

Summer 2018:
Priority: May 11, 11:59 PM
Absolute: June 21

IAP 2019: To be announced

Spring 2019: To be announced

All questions can be directed to Rachel Shulman, MITEI Undergraduate Academic Coordinator,, 617-324-7236.

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