The Future of Energy Storage

May 2022

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This report was part of the Future of Energy Storage study.

MITEI Authors

Robert C. Armstrong Chevron Professor of Chemical Engineering, emeritus,
and Former Director

Department of Chemical Engineering; MIT Energy Initiative

Marc Barbar PhD Student

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Patrick Brown Former Postdoctoral Associate

MIT Energy Initiative

Fikile Brushett Associate Professor

Department of Chemical Engineering

Yet-Ming Chiang Professor

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

John Deutch Institute Professor

Department of Chemistry

Emre Gençer Principal Research Scientist

MIT Energy Initiative

Howard Gruenspecht Former Senior Energy Economist

MIT Energy Initiative

Paul Joskow Professor Emeritus

Department of Economics

Cristian Junge Graduate Student

System Design and Management

Dharik Mallapragada Visiting Scientist

MIT Energy Initiative

Thaneer Malai Narayanan PhD

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Elsa Olivetti Associate Professor

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Richard Schmalensee Professor

Sloan School of Management

Yang Shao-Horn Professor

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Robert Stoner Founding Director, Tata Center for Technology and Design
Cathy Wang Graduate Student

Technology and Policy Program

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