Symposium Summary: Vehicles and Air Quality

August 2005
Symposium Summary: Vehicles and Air Quality

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This Symposium is part of a series established in 1993 to inform decision-makers on scientific aspects of important air pollution issues.

Policy is discussed in the framework of scientific research. For example, how policy questions might influence research or how limitations of current scientific knowledge might influence policy decisions. Participation in the conference is limited to an invited list of approximately eighty members of the scientific, regulatory, industrial, and public interest communities. The small size of this group promotes discussions that have in the past led to important progress on ideas for improvements in air pollution control.

Funds for supporting the symposium come from sponsoring organizations. Sponsors are balanced between industry, regulatory agencies, and academic institutions to preserve neutrality.

We would especially like to acknowledge the 2005 Symposium cosponsors

Bob Slott, MIT, Chair
Praveen Amar, NESCAUM, Co-Chair


Session 1: Vehicle Emission Inventory
Gene Tierney, Epa-Office of Transportation and Air Quality (OTAQ)
Robert Harley, University of California at Berkeley

Session 2: Vehicle Congestion and Its Effects
Tim Lomax, Texas Transportation Institute, Texas A&M University
Tom Batz, Transcom
Scott Griffith, Zipcar

Session 3: The Future of Vehicle Emission Testing
Tom Cackette, California Air Resources Board (CARB)
John Trajnowski, Ford Motor Company
Merrylin Zaw-Mon, EPA Office of Transportation and Air Quality (OTAQ)
Ted Kotsakis, State Of Oregon Department Of Environmental Quality
Chris Stock, Environmental Systems Products (ESP)

Session 4: Older Vehicles: Repairs, Retrofit, And Scrappage
Merrylin Zaw-Mon, EPA Office Of Transportation And Air Quality
Tom Cackette, California Air Resources Board (CARB)
Brian Mormino, Senate Committee On Environment And Public Works
Patrick Mohrman, Caterpillar

Session 5: Vehicle Markets
Adrian Fernandez, INE
Eric Sharpe, National Automobile Market Exchange (NAMX)

Session 6: Fuels
Al Mannato, American Petroleum Institute (API)
Harold Haskew, Consultant

Session 7: Fleet Evolution
John Heywood, MIT
Bill Rutecki, Bosch
Kevin Mcmahon, Martec
Ben Knight, Honda Motor Company
Robert Wimmer, Toyota Motor Corporation
Dave Austgen, Shell Hydrogen

Session 8: Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Vehicles
Jason Grumet, National Commission On Energy Policy (NCEP)
Mike Walsh, Consultant
Tom Cackette, California Air Resources Board (CARB)
Jason Mark, Union Of Concerned Scientists (UCS)

Session 9: Vehicle Health Effects
Maria Costantini, Health Effects Institute (HEI)
Annette Peters, Gsf-National Research Center For Environment And Health
Helen Suh, Harvard School Of Public Health
Bob Devlin, EPA