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Making aviation fuel from biomass

A new MIT technique could be the key.

A healthy wind

Health benefits of using wind energy instead of fossil fuels could quadruple if the most polluting power plants are selected for dialing down, MIT study finds.

Minimizing electric vehicles’ impact on the grid

Careful planning of charging station placement could lessen or eliminate the need for new power plants, a new study shows.

Paper-thin solar cell can turn any surface into a power source

Researchers develop a scalable fabrication technique to produce ultrathin, lightweight solar cells that can be seamlessly added to any surface.

MIT engineers devise technology to prevent fouling in photobioreactors for carbon dioxide capture

Applying a small voltage to the walls of algae growing tanks can prevent cloudy buildup and allow more photosynthesis to happen.

Straight from the cow’s mouth

Desirée Plata aims to capture methane before it warms the climate.

3 Questions: Meet the Tata Fellows
MIT energy storage research highlighted in student slam competition
A welcome new pipeline for students invested in clean energy

FUSars program offers undergraduates in-depth research opportunities in fusion science and energy.

Power to the people

MITEI spinoff Waya Energy helps countries work toward universal access to electricity.

Announcing new hires at MITEI: Heather Leet and J.J. Laukaitis
Panel addresses technologies needed for a net-zero future

Critical needs for curbing greenhouse gases include non-fossil fuel aviation, buildings, electric grids, industrial processes, and the potential of fusion power

Climate goals may take longer, but we’ll get there

Mass. State Senator Mike Barrett describes state’s progress on tackling global warming, remains optimistic despite short-term delays

The answer may be blowing in the wind

Symposium highlights vast potential of offshore turbines in decarbonizing the grid

MIT Energy Initiative director announces retirement

After 50 years on the MIT faculty, Robert Armstrong will retire at the end of June 2023.

Responding to Ukraine’s “ocean of suffering”

Former MIT Energy Initiative researcher Ian Miller funnels aid and expertise to the front line.

To decarbonize the chemical industry, electrify it

Researchers urge industry and the research community to explore electrification pathways to reduce chemical industry emissions.

Flow batteries for grid-scale energy storage

Guiding future research pathways

Using combustion to make lithium-ion batteries

Electricity storage for the energy transition

The MIT Energy Initiative’s Future Energy Systems Center funds nine new projects to propel research advancing decarbonization
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