Graduate Fellows

Sponsored graduate and postdoctoral energy research

Anna Wuttig, Yogesh Surendranath, and Youngmin Yoon of chemistry use infrared absorption spectroscopy to analyze the chemical species adsorbed on the surface of a model catalyst—information they use to evaluate its effectiveness in converting carbon dioxide into precursors for making liquid fuels. Credit: Stuart Darsch

Awarding Outstanding Graduates in Energy

The Society of Energy Fellows at MIT is a network of graduate and postdoctoral students supported by MIT Energy Initiative Founding, Sustaining, and Associate Members.

Fellows are selected for this prestigious award in recognition of keen interest in energy, excellent academic record, and a promising future. They remain members of the Society for the entirety of their lives.

MIT faculty may nominate current or prospective students by contacting the MITEI Director of Education, Antje Danielson.