Society of Energy Fellows

MIT Energy Fellows Policy Initiative


The MIT Energy Fellows Policy Initiative, founded in 2020, is a group of MITEI Energy Fellows (past and present) who work closely with MIT faculty, staff, the MIT Washington D.C. Office, and other energy policy advocates to better understand how scientists and engineers can play a central role in the framing of energy policy legislation and public discourse. We strive to create better scientific and engineering leaders to propel the energy transition globally.

Our focus is to provide an opportunity for members of the MITEI Society of Energy Fellows to:

Our programming will include monthly discussions, invited speakers at seminars, networking opportunities in the energy space, relevant workshops, and trips to meet with lawmakers in state assemblies, Washington D.C. and other international events.


Francesco Maria Benedetti Program Founder and Lead, MIT Energy Fellows Policy Initiative

Francesco M. Benedetti is a postdoctoral associate in chemical engineering at MIT. He works on advanced materials to increase energy-efficiency and environmental sustainability of industrial purification and separation processes. He received his PhD from the University of Bologna, Italy, and has been recognized with the 2019/2020 MIT Energy Fellowship. Francesco is also committed to commercialize membrane technologies to create a more sustainable future for energy and develop effective carbon capture solutions.

Sara Nicholas Founding Member, MIT Energy Fellows Policy Initiative

Sara Nicholas is a senior pursuing bachelor’s degrees in physics and computer science and engineering at MIT. She is passionate about finding solutions to energy challenges in order to create a more sustainable future and promote environmental justice. She views the intersection of technology and policy as a critical point, where scientists and lawmakers must collaborate to drive innovative energy solutions into the mainstream.

Esha Ranade Founding Member, MIT Energy Fellows Policy Initiative

Esha Ranade is a first-year undergraduate student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering at MIT. Since taking several classes about environmental sciences and the physics of energy, she has been passionate about implementing more sustainable energy systems into the community. Working alongside members of the MIT Energy Initiative has been an increasingly rewarding experience, and she looks forward to continuing learning more about different energy policies.

Max Reese Founding Member, MIT Energy Fellows Policy Initiative

Max Reese is a double major in finance and architecture at MIT, and has a keen interest in environmental and social-justice based activism.

Julie Tung Founding Member, MIT Energy Fellows Policy Initiative

Julie Tung is a junior studying chemical engineering and working on a minor in energy and sustainability. Her interest in energy policy came about when she started taking policy-related classes on urban energy at MIT. She is hoping to learn more about how decisions are made by lawmakers in order to push more sustainable energy policies into practices.

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