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Undergraduate research

Supporting undergraduate research is an important component of MITEI’s commitment to training tomorrow’s energy innovators to provide a growing global population with affordable, sustainable energy access and tackle climate change. MITEI encourages and supports student participation in energy research through our Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP).

MITEI UROP students are innovative problem solvers who become integral members of the labs in which they work. A UROP provides the chance to work closely with faculty, graduate students, postdocs, and research scientists.

Since the program’s inception in 2008, MITEI and our member companies and donors have supported over 400 UROP students.

How It Works

Students can choose to pursue a UROP for pay, academic credit, or on a volunteer basis. MITEI funding covers up to 160 hours of work during the semester and IAP and up to 400 hours of work during the summer.

All MITEI-funded UROPs:

Because the MITEI UROP is sponsored entirely by outside donors, the students we fund have a few special obligations:

Not sure where to start? Talk to us! Send an email to Aisling O’Grady. We can help you understand your options, guide your search, and introduce you to professors. Subscribe to our weekly undergrad newsletter, which includes: upcoming energy UROP opportunities, internships, events, and more.

Summer UROP

The MITEI Summer UROP is special. Along with a cohort of 20-25 other students you will:


Summer priority deadline: April 14, 2024
Summer final deadline: May 12, 2024

Note: We only have 20 spots available in our summer program, with a number of these already taken. If interested in summer funding through MITEI, please apply as soon as possible — we may reach capacity before our final May 12th deadline.


Students may apply for MITEI UROP funding through the link below.

Decisions are generally returned two weekdays after a given deadline.


Note: MITEI UROP funding is separate and distinct from direct funding with the UROP office. Students should always apply to both.

Non-MIT students: Contact the MIT Summer Research Program or the Summer Scholars Program to explore research opportunities on campus.

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