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Decarbonizing the U.S. power grid

A new MIT online model for regional planning calculates the cost-optimized strategy for specific regions under a variety of constraints and assumptions.

Promising designs for nuclear power reactors using molten salt

Selecting the right metal can alleviate the corrosion problem.

Six innovative energy projects received MIT Energy Initiative Seed Fund grants

Annual MITEI awards support research on carbon removal, novel materials for energy storage, improved power system planning, and more.

A delicate dance

Economist Catherine Wolfram balances global energy demands and the pressing need for decarbonization.

Moving past the Iron Age

Graduate student Sydney Johnson looks at how to achieve greener steel.

Introducing new students to MIT’s energy landscape

Pre-orientation program for incoming first-year students provided an overview of energy-related activities and research.

Power when the sun doesn’t shine

With batteries based on iron and air, Form Energy leverages MIT research to incorporate renewables into the grid.

EFI Foundation-led group selected by Department of Energy for hydrogen market demand project

Demand-side initiative brings together multiple stakeholders to explore market and policy innovations with new entity named the Hydrogen Demand Initiative (H2DI)

The future of motorcycles could be hydrogen

MIT Electric Vehicle Team builds a unique hydrogen fuel cell–powered electric motorcycle.

Yuri Sebregts speaks at a podium. Meeting the clean energy needs of tomorrow

At the MIT Energy Initiative Fall Colloquium, Shell’s chief technology officer laid out two very different potential paths for the decades ahead.

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