The Future of Nuclear Energy in a Carbon-Constrained World

Main Goal

Identify the prospects for innovative nuclear technologies, policy and business models, and regulatory governance mechanisms to accelerate the transition to a lower-carbon global energy system in the United States and around the world. Identify the associated challenges and opportunities.

This study builds on the work from The Future of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle (2011) and The Future of Nuclear Power (2003).

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Key Questions

For each of these three time periods (present-2030, 2030-2050, beyond 2050):

Five Major Themes

  1. Opportunities
  2. Technology Evaluation
  3. Regulatory Assessment
  4. Policy Options
  5. Business Models

Interaction Between Major Themes of the Study

This study is supported by generous grants from the Sloan Foundation and EDF.


Study Participants

Dr. David Petti Executive Director INL
Michael Corradini Professor Emeritus University of Wisconsin
Joseph Lassiter Harvard
Stephen Ansolabehere Harvard
Robert Varrin Dominion Engineering
Jessica Lovering Breakthrough Institute
Ka-Yen Yau MIT Student
Amy Umaretiya MIT Student
Rasheed Auguste MIT Student
Lucas Rush MIT Student
Patrick Champlin MIT Student
Patrick White MIT Student
Karen Dawson MIT Student
Andrew Foss Lucid Strategy
Eric Ingersoll Lucid Strategy

Advisory Board

Philip Sharp President, Resources for the Future; former US Congressman; Professor Emeritus, Harvard University
Kathryn McCarthy Director, LWR Sustainability program, INL
Richard Meserve President Emeritus, Carnegie Institution for Science; Head Emeritus, NRC
William Magwood Director, Nuclear Energy Agency; Commissioner Emeritus, NRC; Director Emeritus, DOE-NE
Robert Budnitz Project Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Zack Pate CEO and Chairman Emeritus, INPO and WANO; former US Navy submarine commander
Susan Landhal Chief Operating Officer of Fleet Operations, Exelon
Jean-Pierre Benque President Emeritus, EDF Development Inc. and EDF North America
Edward Steinfeld Professor of China Studies, Brown University
Marvin Fertel Emeritus - President and Chief Executive Officer, Nuclear Energy Institute
Michael Shellenberger Co-founder and Senior Fellow, Breakthrough Institute
Akira Omoto Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology and Advisor to Nuclear Risk Research, ex-Director, Division of Nuclear Power, IAEA
James Del Favero Head, Cross-border M&A, Goldman Sachs