Accelerating 3D printing

Faster fabrication, renewable materials

“You don’t learn this in class”: Undergraduate researchers build professional skills
MITEI welcomes Class of 2022 to campus
Saving heat until you need it

A new concept for thermal energy storage

New system recovers fresh water from power plants; prototype installed on MIT’s Central Utility Plant
Grad student Prosper Nyovanie: Powering off-grid communities with scalable solar electric systems
Podcast: The human environmental nexus

Frances Beinecke on the U.S. climate trajectory, the need for national leadership, and how to make an impact on climate change

MIT Energy Initiative director opposes US EPA proposal to weaken emission guidelines

MITEI's Director Robert Armstrong submitted a comment to the EPA's recent proposal, which would weaken emissions guidelines. In his letter, Armstrong stated the importance of regulating carbon dioxide as a major driver of climate change.

Understanding how plants use sunlight

Possible pathway to more biomass and crops

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