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Undergraduate Research

The MITEI UROP is an indispensable element of the undergraduate experience. It provides a student’s first real opportunity to work and think independently as a practicing scientist or engineer.

Robert Stoner
Director of the MIT Tata Center for Technology and Design
Deputy Director for Science and Technology at MIT Energy Initiative

MITEI funds research and professional development for MIT undergraduates year-round, both within the Initiative and across campus, including projects through MIT’s Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP). We encourage students from all departments at MIT to apply: prior experience is not a requirement—just enthusiasm for innovative energy-related research.

Past projects have included work on solar thermal fuels, redox flow batteries, and enzymology in sulfur-reducing bacteria. For more details, check out the brochure about our 2017 UROPs.

Students may also choose to do an energy-related UROP for academic credit, which can count as an elective in the Energy Studies Minor.

If you are working on an energy-related project with other funding, we’d still love to connect with you and invite you to MITEI-sponsored events. Contact Undergraduate Education Coordinator Rachel Shulman for information.

Finding a research project

As you probably know, UROPs are everywhere. Here are some ways to find energy-focused research projects:

Not sure where to start? Talk to us! Send an email to Undergraduate Education Coordinator Rachel Shulman. We can help you understand your options, guide your search, and introduce you to professors.

Why do your UROP with MITEI?

All MITEI-funded UROPs:

Because the MITEI UROP is sponsored entirely by outside donors, the students we fund have a few special obligations:

The Intensive Summer UROP

In addition to the special requirements of the MITEI academic year UROPs, the MITEI Summer UROP includes professional development workshops leading up to a research presentation in the poster session at the fall MITEI Annual Research Conference.

Weekly Lunch Workshops: Topics include library research, poster design and presentation, networking, career planning, and scientific communication. Participation in these workshops is mandatory and counts as paid time.

Poster Session: To help make your presentation amazing, MITEI funds an extra 20 hours of work at the end of the summer or during the fall dedicated to preparing for the poster session. This includes paid time spent writing the poster, working with instructors at the writing center, and a rehearsal dinner with other MITEI Summer UROPs.

Students with relevant research projects, even if they are not funded by MITEI, are invited to participate in the professional development program and poster presentations. For example, if your energy-related research project is supported by direct funding from the UROP Office, you can still be part of the MITEI Summer UROP cohort. Apply to participate in the cohort here.


To apply for funding, complete our application form.

If you are conducting relevant summer research with other funding, you can apply to participate in the summer professional development program here.

If you applying for continued support of an existing project, let us know as soon as possible. We cannot guarantee that funding will be available for applications submitted after the priority deadline.

Applications for IAP 2019 are due midnight on December 24. Deadlines for spring and summer 2019 will be posted soon.

If you have further questions, contact Undergraduate Education Coordinator Rachel Shulman.

Non-MIT students: Contact the MIT Summer Research Program or the Summer Scholars Program to explore research opportunities on campus.