A small-scale, flexible, reliable source of energy

To serve my customers, I have to make a certain number of kilowatts at times of peak load and a certain number of kilowatt-hours per year. Now the question is, How much generating capacity do I buy in solar PV panels and windmills?

James Kirtley, professor

Professor James Kirtley and graduate students Michael Zieve and Jared Monnin are building a laboratory-scale microgrid that they will use to verify and further investigate results from simulation studies performed by Masdar Institute collaborators. In their lab-scale microgrid, they are using off-the-shelf equipment plus computer controls to replicate the behavior of key electricity generating and consuming devices.


Research Team

James Kirtley Professor

Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Hatem Zeineldin Masdar Institute
Michael Zieve Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Jared Monnin Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Ahmed Saif Masdar Institute