Lihong (Wendy) Duan

Program Director, Asia Pacific Energy Partnership Program MIT Energy Initiative

Lihong (Wendy) Duan is the Program Director of the Asia Pacific Energy Partnership at the MIT Energy Initiative. Duan builds research collaborations with MIT in multiple fields, organizing meetings and discussions on energy policy, energy economics, energy technology, and energy management for national and provincial officials, corporate boards and CEOs.

Duan represents MITEI throughout Asia, making presentations on MITEI’s energy research, education and outreach efforts. Duan works with the U.S. Department of State’s International Leadership Program, hosting worldwide leaders. She also maintains working relationships with embassies from many Asia Pacific countries, fostering collaboration and dialogue on energy issues.

Duan also serves as a mentor to students from MIT’s large and diverse international community. She coordinates internships in Asia for MIT students in the nuclear sciences.

Prior to joining MIT in 2010, Duan worked for 12 years at Harvard University. She holds a master’s degree in architectural design.

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