Cyril Draffin

Project Advisor, Utility of the Future study

Cyril Draffin has been project advisor to the MIT Energy Initiative since 2015. His interests include cybersecurity of electric utilities and other energy systems; low-carbon energy including solar, other renewable energy generation, and nuclear; gas and coal production and carbon capture and utilization; information technology; and strategy.

He is U.S. representative to the International Energy Agency International Smart Grid Action Network Academy, was cybersecurity lead for the MITEI Utility of the Future study, and is a mentor at the Mach 37 cybersecurity accelerator.

Previously he was director of strategy for Northrop Grumman Corporation with focus on cybersecurity, homeland security, information technology, and defense strategy. Earlier he was vice president of an American Stock Exchange traded venture capital company with focus on information technology; director in the U.S. Department of Energy with a focus on solar, biomass, natural gas, coal, and industrial energy usage; and a nuclear and environmental engineer at the Bechtel Power Corporation.

Cyril holds a M.S. and B.S. in chemical engineering from MIT.

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