MIT and India Connect on Environmental Solutions

Members from all over MIT are working together to ensure India's rapid growth is done sustainably

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The rapid growth that has made India one of the world’s most dynamic economies also poses a number of challenges related to its environmental health. To the MIT community, these are opportunities for innovation. A lack of reliable electricity means a chance to put thermal batteries and the sun’s power to work for rural farmers—or to improve how electrical grids are planned and connected. A surplus of waste becomes a new source of raw material for the buildings and inventions of the future. And a growing number of thirsty households spurs reevaluation and redesign of the systems that deliver clean drinking water.

In collaboration with Indian entrepreneurs, government officials, and local community members, MIT faculty, students, and alumni are implementing creative solutions like the ones mentioned here, and building a more environmentally sustainable future for the country:

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Learn about the work of other MIT-affiliated environmental startups on the ground in India at:

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