Earth Day 2019: Students share why they work for a more sustainable future


For Earth Day, we asked several MIT students what inspires them to study energy for a low-carbon, sustainable future. Here’s what they say:

Access to affordable and reliable energy lifts people out of poverty, and access to clean energy will protect the future. Working at the intersection of economics and environmentalism is challenging and rewarding.Nette Brocks, Technology and Policy Program Master’s Student

Earth Day, to me, is an opportunity to appreciate the natural beauty of our planet. Respecting the planet is something that everyone has a stake in, both to preserve the natural landscape and to avoid the worst impacts of climate change by changing course before it is too late.Jesse Hinricher, Chemical Engineering Student

Advancing energy justice for populations that have little access to energy services, but are most affected by climate change, is a pressing challenge.Stewart Isaacs, AeroAstro PhD Candidate

Decarbonizing the power, industry, and transportation sectors with a long history of legacy technologies and infrastructure is a huge challenge. We need to focus on integration and cost-based innovation so that newly developed solutions can have a real impact.Hilary Vogelbaum, Materials Science and Engineering Student

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