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The latest in energy from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Listen to hand-picked articles from the MIT Energy Initiative covering the future of energy.
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Footnote: How cities are reducing emissions by retrofitting buildings
Footnote: Open SESAME, energy career paths, and the war in Ukraine
Cutting urban carbon emissions by retrofitting buildings

MIT study shows that cities’ plans often won’t achieve their goals; decarbonizing the local grid could make the difference.

Making aviation fuel from biomass

A new MIT technique could be the key.

Paper-thin solar cell can turn any surface into a power source

Researchers develop a scalable fabrication technique to produce ultrathin, lightweight solar cells that can be seamlessly added to any surface.

Straight from the cow’s mouth

Desirée Plata aims to capture methane before it warms the climate.

Power to the people

MITEI spinoff Waya Energy helps countries work toward universal access to electricity.

Climate goals may take longer, but we’ll get there

Mass. State Senator Mike Barrett describes state’s progress on tackling global warming, remains optimistic despite short-term delays

Responding to Ukraine’s “ocean of suffering”

Former MIT Energy Initiative researcher Ian Miller funnels aid and expertise to the front line.

To decarbonize the chemical industry, electrify it

Researchers urge industry and the research community to explore electrification pathways to reduce chemical industry emissions.

Flow batteries for grid-scale energy storage

Guiding future research pathways

Using combustion to make lithium-ion batteries

Electricity storage for the energy transition

Michael Howland gives wind energy a lift
Sylas Horowitz: Responsive design meets responsibility for the planet’s future
3 Questions: Antje Danielson on energy education and its role in climate action
New multidisciplinary climate change curriculum for high schools aims to engage and mobilize teachers and students
Shrinky Dinks, nail polish, and smelly bacteria

High school students spend their summer building a low-cost fuel cell

Coming soon in Energy Futures magazine
Decarbonization amid global crises

At the MIT Energy Initiative Fall Colloquium, Philip R. Sharp highlighted dramatic steps the U.S. government has recently taken to combat climate change.

Reversing the charge

Battery power from electric vehicles to the grid could open a fast lane to a net-zero future


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