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The latest in energy from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Listen to hand-picked articles from the MIT Energy Initiative covering the future of energy.

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To decarbonize the chemical industry, electrify it

Researchers urge industry and the research community to explore electrification pathways to reduce chemical industry emissions.

Michael Howland gives wind energy a lift
3 Questions: Antje Danielson on energy education and its role in climate action
Shrinky Dinks, nail polish, and smelly bacteria

High school students spend their summer building a low-cost fuel cell

Coming soon in Energy Futures magazine
Decarbonization amid global crises

At the MIT Energy Initiative Fall Colloquium, Philip R. Sharp highlighted dramatic steps the U.S. government has recently taken to combat climate change.

Reversing the charge

Battery power from electric vehicles to the grid could open a fast lane to a net-zero future

Unpacking U.S. climate and infrastructure laws

MIT Energy Initiative Deputy Director Robert Stoner takes stock of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act and Inflation Reduction Act, and their potential impacts on the energy transition.

Porous materials designed to trap molecules

Controlling pore openings for maximum capture

Policies to cut carbon emissions

Designing an equitable option

Turning carbon dioxide into valuable products

DNA can help guide the process

New class explores paths to reducing transportation emissions
Lessons from energy leaders

IAP course connects MIT and global learners with practitioners and experts

Joy Dunn ’08: Bridging careers in aerospace manufacturing and fusion energy with a focus on intentional inclusion
MIT spinoff Takachar processes waste biomass to reduce airborne emissions
3 Questions: Emre Gençer on the role of blue hydrogen in decarbonizing the world’s energy systems
Making hydrogen power a reality

Hydrogen fuel has long been seen as a potentially key component of a carbon-neutral energy future. At the 2022 MIT Energy Initiative Spring Symposium, four industry experts laid out their efforts to produce it at scale.

Building consensus on concessions

MIT Energy Initiative leaders are helping to push the conversation on ending energy poverty—including at a recent online conference hosted by the government of Ghana.

Investors awake to the risks of climate change

At the MIT Energy Initiative’s Fall Colloquium, finance executive Poppy Allonby laid out the current state of sustainability thinking among the investor class.

Using nature’s structures in wooden buildings

Tools for designing with forked tree branches