U.S. C3E Women in Clean Energy webinar series: Maximizing Your Impact in the Clean Energy Transition

01/20/2022  1:00 pm-2:00 pm ET

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Clean energy is one of the fastest-growing and most innovative sectors in our economy. The clean energy sector is attracting top talent—achievers who are pairing their professional skills with personal passion and drive to change our energy future. Experience and expertise are needed in a wealth of fields, as a career in clean energy can span an ecosystem of policy, finance, engineering, entrepreneurship, law, and beyond—and government, industry, and academia all play important and interdependent roles. Our country and the world need exceptional leaders to further clean energy technologies and businesses, encourage supportive policies, and attract funding. Yet with any emergent sector, knowing how to break in, navigate change, and maximize impact can be challenging. Hear from four clean energy industry leaders and U.S. DOE C3E Ambassadors:

• Deb Frodl, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, DF Strategies, LLC
• Colette Honorable, Partner, Reed Smith LLP
• Connie Lau, President and Chief Executive Officer, Hawaiian Electric Industries, Inc.
• Ramya Swaminathan, Chief Executive Officer, Malta, Inc.

The session will focus on the diverse career opportunities in the clean energy sector. The webinar will be followed by an optional networking event with the presenters, who will answer your questions about clean energy career paths and options.