U.S. C3E webinar series: The gigaton climate challenge: Decarbonizing with scale and urgency

04/29/2021  2:00 pm-3:00 pm ET

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Transitioning the United States economy toward deep decarbonization will have unequally distributed effects—both positive and negative—across socio-economic groups, geographies, and economic sectors. The concerns of workers and communities adversely affected by the transition must inform the discussion around decarbonization, associated policy changes, and institutional development. Whether responding to the disruption caused by industrial transition or managing the economic upheaval from a pandemic, the need to create opportunities must remain front and center. Join U.S. C3E Ambassador Melanie Kenderdine from Energy Futures Initiative (EFI), U.S. C3E Ambassador Anna J. Siefken from Carnegie Mellon University, and U.S. C3E 2019 Education Award recipient Valerie Karplus from Carnegie Mellon University as they discuss critical pathways to decarbonization. They will also speak about The Roosevelt Project, an MIT initiative aimed at providing an analytical basis for charting a path to a low-carbon economy in a way that promotes high-quality job growth, minimizes worker and community dislocation, and harnesses the benefits of energy technologies for regional economic development.

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