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This year’s symposium asks the question, Geologic hydrogen: Are orange and gold the new green? Recent discoveries in Europe, the United States, Australia, and elsewhere of hydrogen deposits at recoverable depths within the earth’s crust—so-called geologic hydrogen—offer the tantalizing possibility that carbon-free hydrogen may be present, available, and producible in enormous quantities in many parts of the world. The symposium will bring together a range of perspectives on this controversial subject and seek to identify gaps in our knowledge and opportunities for research.

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For the Spring Symposium, a topic is chosen, such as “The role of offshore wind in decarbonizing the electric power system” in 2023. Subject matter experts are invited from across academia, industry, government, and non-profit organizations to engage in an active scholarly debate regarding the chosen topic with the goal to open a dialogue and offer an actionable path forward. The day is generally structured by a series of sessions where an introductory session gives a broad overview of issues being discussed, and the following sessions are more specific conversations. Finally, the day ends with a synthesis of key topics discussed throughout the day.

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