Tailoring thermal radiation from metallic photonic crystal slabs via coupled-mode theory

Published March 2011

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We develop a model for predicting the thermal emission spectrum of a two-dimensional metallic photonic crystal for arbitrary angles based on coupled-mode theory. Calculating the appropriate coupled-mode parameters over a range of geometrical parameters allows one to tailor the emissivity spectrum to a specific application. As an example, we design an emitter with a step-function cutoff suppressing long-wavelength emission, which is necessary for high-efficiency thermophotovoltaic systems. We also confirm the accuracy of the results of our model with finite-difference time-domain simulations.

MITEI Authors

Ivan Celanovic Principal Research Scientist

Institute for Soldier Nanotechnology

Marin Soljacic Professor


John Joannopoulos Director and Professor

Institute for Soldier Nanotechnology

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