The MIT Energy Initiative Podcast

Conversations at MIT about the future of energy.

Episode #26
Renewable energy trends

Danielle Merfeld, chief technology officer for GE Renewable Energy and corporate officer of GE, on trends in renewable energy technology and clean energy journey.

Episode #25
2020 MIT Clean Energy Prize winners

Nitricity and Harmony Desal on the startup technologies that won the 2020 MIT Clean Energy Prize, the largest and longest-running competition for student cleantech startups.

Episode #24
Corporate climate strategy

Mariko Meier, vice president of marketing at Enel X, on building a career in energy and recent trends in corporate climate strategy.

Episode #23
Energy entrepreneurship

Tod Hynes, senior lecturer in the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship, talks success, spinouts, and advice from teaching Energy Ventures.

Episode #22
A decade in energy

How the energy market in the U.S. has changed over the past decade—and lessons related to the COVID-19 pandemic—with guests from the Business Council for Sustainable Energy and Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

Episode #21
Energy technology evolution

Gökşin Kavlak and Jessika Trancik on their work to explain and forecast energy technology evolution.

Episode #20
Inside the National Energy Technology Laboratory

Brian Anderson, director of the National Energy Technology Laboratory, on what his lab is doing in carbon capture, materials, hydrogen, and more.

Episode #19
Energy economics and air pollution

John Reilly and Noelle Selin on energy economics and air pollution.

Episode #18
Mobility of the Future

Randall Field and Joanna Moody, MIT researchers, on how environmental policies, urban regulations, and consumer behaviors will affect the future of personal mobility.

Episode #17
The age of living machines

Susan Hockfield, professor of neuroscience and former president of MIT, on the convergence of biology and engineering, the role of universities in technology evolution, and becoming the first biologist to serve as president of MIT.

Episode #16
The economics of rooftop solar

Scott Burger, MITEI Energy Fellow and researcher, on rooftop solar economics, net metering, energy poverty, and electricity costs.

Episode #15

Stuart Madnick and Shaharyar Khan on cybersafety in the energy sector, industrial vulnerabilities, and applications for blockchain.

Episode #14
Electricity markets

Paul Joskow and Richard Schmalensee on the history and future of electricity markets.

Episode #13
Artificial intelligence

Nicholas Roy and Josh Joseph from the MIT Quest for Intelligence on the future of AI and its potential impact on fields ranging from energy to healthcare.

Episode #12
Batteries and storage

Professors Donald Sadoway and Yang Shao-Horn on researching, developing, and scaling energy storage technologies with guest host Bruce Gellerman of WBUR.

Episode #11
Game-changing storage

Will Chueh from Stanford and Yet-Ming Chiang from MIT on energy storage.

Episode #10
Game-changing materials

Professors Fikile Brushett, Elsa Olivetti, and Yogi Surendranath on building the next generation of materials for future energy systems.

Episode #9
Game-changing fusion

Dennis Whyte, head of the MIT Nuclear Science and Engineering Department and director of the MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center, on the history and future of fusion.

Episode #8
Game-changing solar

Vladimir Bulović, director of MIT.nano and co-director of the MITEI Solar Low-Carbon Energy Center, on what's coming in solar and how MIT.nano is changing how startups launch from MIT.

Episode #7
British Columbia and the energy trilemma

British Columbia's UNFCCC award-winning climate policies with George Heyman, minister of environment and climate strategy for British Columbia, and Sergey Paltsev, MIT Energy Initiative senior researcher and deputy director of the MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change.


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