New undergraduate energy course accepting students

"Energy Management for a Sustainable Future," offered to undergraduates for the first time, satisfies the Energy Studies Minor requirements

August 31, 2015    ·    MITEI

Professor Harvey Michaels of MIT Sloan and the MIT Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research is offering “Energy Management for a Sustainable Future” to undergraduates for the first time. This course is approved for the Energy Minor. Students with an interest in energy and sustainability are encouraged to enroll.


15.S42 /11.S195 (J) (3-0-9) – Approved for Energy Minor

Energy Management for a Sustainable Future 

Enabling Building Energy Management…

… is the largest single component

of a sustainable climate solution!

T-Th 1:00 – 2:30

Room: 56-154

First Class: September 10

Learn about innovations and practice methods in: Building Technology, Smart Grid, Business/Policy

How to optimize home/building energy use with:

With Guest Lectures:  Leaders in Energy Management and Sustainability including Google/Nest, Tesla/Solar City, World Bank, MIT Profs. Sanjay Sarma, John Sterman, Les Norford, Tom Malone

Lead Instructor: Harvey Michaels  Lecturer, Energy Strategy MIT Sloan, MIT Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research.  Founder/Former President of two leading energy efficiency and smart grid companies providing analytics/web systems, and building energy consulting services.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact instructor or TA:

Josh Lehman (MBA2, MIT Energy Club President)

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