Martin Fellows, 2011–2012

Education Office    ·    May 16, 2011    ·    MITEI

The Martin Family Society of Fellows for Sustainability, established at MIT in 1996 through the generous support of The Martin Foundation, Inc., fosters graduate-level research, education, and collaboration in sustainability. The society supports and connects MIT’s top graduate students in environmental studies and fosters opportunities for multidisciplinary cooperation in both the short and long term.

Timothy Cronin
Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences
Impact of elevated concentrations of CO2 on plants

Pearl Donohoo
Engineering Systems Division
Robust electric transmission expansion planning

Deepak Dugar
Chemical Engineering
Pathways for synthesis of advanced biofuels

David Fenning
Mechanical Engineering
Reducing the negative impact of metal impurities in silicon solar cells

Jessica Fitzsimmons
Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences
Geochemistry of iron in the ocean

Betar Gallant
Mechanical Engineering
Developing nano-structured materials for high-power lithium storage applications

David Keith
Engineering Systems Division
Understanding barriers to adoption of hybrid and electric vehicles

Sean Kessler
Chemical Engineering
Formation mechanisms of organic particulate matter in the atmosphere

Alyssa Larson
Use of non-leaching antimicrobial surfaces to purify drinking water

Andrej Lenert
Mechanical Engineering
Control of nanoscale phenomena for efficient solar thermal energy conversion

Ankur Mani
Media Arts and Sciences
Mechanisms for promoting cooperative behavior in networked societies for sustainable living

Nicholas Martin
Political Science
Environmental policy and China’s large state-owned energy companies

David Quinn
Analytic tools to assess resource efficiency at the neighborhood scale

Laura Ralston
Influence of environmental conditions on conflict between individuals and communities in developing countries

Stephen Ray
Mechanical Engineering
Natural ventilation to decrease energy consumption in buildings

Philip Reusswig
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Capturing infrared solar radiation for use in solar cells

Vivek Sakhrani
Engineering Systems Division
Sustainable delivery of large energy projects in the developing world

Nidhi Santen
Engineering Systems Division
Methods for simulating decision making under uncertainty: US electricity sector

Benjamin Scandella
Civil and Environmental Engineering
How lakes vent methane to the atmosphere

Christopher Schantz
Mechanical Engineering
Nonintrusive diagnostic techniques to detect fault conditions in HVAC and refrigeration plants

Alexis Schulman
Urban Studies and Planning
Making adaptive management work

Teresa Yamana
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Malaria transmission—developing and testing new physical biological models

Tea Zakula
Optimizing HVAC systems to minimize energy consumption

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