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Making the transition to a low-carbon future requires the development of new energy storage technology options—those that can combine technical performance with costs low enough to make them attractive for use in renewables-heavy electric power systems, electricity-powered transportation, and other applications. There is an urgent need for storage game-changers, including solutions that can address the wide range of power, energy, and timescales required for the grid; and solutions that give electric vehicles the range and charging speed at a price that enables their widespread adoption.

Meeting these needs requires cross-disciplinary research in science, engineering, and policy as well as real world input from stakeholders in industry and government. The Energy Storage Research Center, one of the Low-Carbon Energy Centers developed by the MIT Energy Initiative to advance technologies key to addressing climate change, is MIT’s focal point for connecting industry with faculty who develop:

By joining the Energy Storage Research Center and sponsoring research projects in these or related areas, Member organizations can advance their goals related to research, development, deployment, and policy understanding of storage technologies. Sponsored research projects may address broad themes and situations particular to the sponsoring company, and can include research aimed at grid, transportation, residential/commercial, and industrial applications.

Goals and approach

The Energy Storage Research Center draws on a wide range of expertise across MIT and facilitates strong collaborations with stakeholders in industry, government, and nongovernmental organizations to hasten the development of new energy storage technologies with the technical performance and cost characteristics needed to provide power sustainably at any place, at any scale, and at any time.

MIT researchers work with member companies to develop innovative research projects targeted to their interests. Additionally, the Center-affiliated faculty and program manager are well positioned to help a member company determine areas of science and engineering research that align with its corporate strategy.

Membership in the Energy Storage Research Center provides access to world-class experts in MIT’s academic departments as well as in cross-disciplinary entities at MIT. In addition to MITEI’s expansive network of MIT researchers, Members can also work with research affiliates of the Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research; Institute for Data, Systems, and Society; and Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems, to name a few.

Research specialties

The Energy Storage Research Center develops transformative energy storage technologies and analyzes current and future business trends in the energy storage sector, utilizing MIT faculty members’ extensive existing research capability.

As a part of this Center, Members can sponsor research on:

Example projects

The Energy Storage Research Center and MITEI support early-stage research projects that explore new energy storage ideas and open up new avenues for research. Current projects include: