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Global challenges around issues of environment and sustainability demand society's immediate attention.

Learn more about how MIT is working to make a better world at, and share your stories with #MITBetterWorld.

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Accelerating energy and climate solutions: Paris, Marrakech, and pathways forward
Seeking to inform India’s climate policy choices
Studying the role of Australian natural resources in a low-carbon future
MITEI’s Low-Carbon Energy Centers
Reducing emissions, improving technology: A mutually reinforcing cycle
Fluorescent polymer gels: Light-emitting sensors that self-repair
Designing climate-friendly concrete—from the nanoscale up
Regulating particulate pollution: Novel analysis yields new insights
Air quality sensors
John Fernandez: Growing grassroots for sustainability on campus and abroad
New electives augment undergraduate energy curriculum
Porous materials workshop in France focuses on nuclear industry
Carbon pricing under binding political constraints
Helping cities move toward sustainable consumption
MIT announces Campaign for a Better World
MITEI energizes visitors at the MIT Open House
A new lens on suburbia
MIT outlines progress on its five-year climate action plan
U.S. Department of Energy leaders highlight clean energy research, career opportunities
MIT announces five-year plan for action on climate change