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MIT’s contributions to energy innovation have led to technological breakthroughs and informed key public policies. In 2017, MITEI celebrated over a century of energy at MIT and 10 years since MITEI’s inception. These articles showcase the best of energy research, education, and outreach from MITEI's first 10 years.

New study will explore future of transportation
Combined energy and water system could provide for millions
Setting the pace for change in the energy sector
MIT and Eni extend energy collaboration
U.S. Department of Energy announces MIT Energy Initiative among members of new Manufacturing USA Institute
MIT Energy Initiative report provides guidance for evolving electric power sector
Energy-efficient design: Helping architects weigh their options
Moving away from fossil fuel energy? Not without aggressive policy action
Advanced silicon solar cells: Detecting defects that reduce efficiency
Converting carbon dioxide to fuels: A method of fossil resource recycling
Forging ahead on climate action
A new outlet for student energy under the Dome
Why have solar energy costs fallen?
ExxonMobil joins MIT Energy Initiative’s low-carbon technology R&D program
Energy orientation introduces freshmen to low-carbon technologies on campus and in the region
MIT Energy Initiative welcomes GE as new member and participant in Low-Carbon Energy Centers
GE Joins MIT Energy Initiative to Develop Advanced Technology Solutions for Transforming Global Energy Systems
MIT Energy Initiative to contribute clean energy innovation expertise on coalition for White House’s Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute
Leading and transforming the global energy sector to address climate change
MIT 2016 energy grads launch careers in research, engineering, and analysis
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