MIT Energy Initiative

Student Event and Conference Funding

Support for student participation in energy-related events and conference travel

The MITEI Education Program a limited budget to support student participation in energy-related events and/or conference travel.

A variety of event formats qualify for support, e.g., the hosting of a lecture, symposium, colloquium, on-campus conference, hack-a-thon, workshop, etc. Events must be hosted by current MIT students or benefit current MIT students.

Travel support is most commonly associated with attendance at a conference related to the student’s major, research, and/or career focus.

Requests will be reviewed for eligibility and the applicant will be notified within two weeks of receiving the request.

How to Apply

To apply for funding applicants should submit a written proposal (no more than one page) to MITEI Education:

The elements to include in a funding request are:

  1. An overview of the event and/or the travel and the amount requested, including a description of how the event or travel relates to energy education and the benefits for the individual, group, and/or MIT community.
  2. An indication of the number of students who will benefit.
  3. An indication of whether MITEI funding is anticipated to be the sole source of funding or if the applicant has or is pursuing additional funding sources (MITEI prefers the latter).