The MIT Energy Initiative Podcast

Conversations at MIT about the future of energy.

Episode #4
The human environmental nexus

Frances Beinecke, past president of the Natural Resources Defense Council, discusses the U.S. climate trajectory, the need for national leadership, and how to make an impact on climate change.

Episode #3
The Future of Nuclear Energy

Jacopo Buongiorno, John Parsons, and Karen Dawson on the report, The Future of Nuclear Energy in a Carbon-Constrained World.

Episode #2
Firm low-carbon energy resources

Jesse Jenkins and Nestor Sepulveda of MIT on what the future looks like for reducing CO2 emissions in electricity and the importance of firm low-carbon energy resources.

Episode #1
Negative carbon emissions

John Deutch of MIT and Arun Majumdar of Stanford University on potential technology and policy pathways for negative emissions and the importance of focusing on gigatonne-scale solutions.


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