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Finding space for your event is the most critical step in event planning; availability of space influences catering options, AV services, and audience capacity. 

Dozens of events take place daily at MIT. Some spaces are booked years in advance. In addition, there are certain times of year that are extremely popular, such as April-June or September-December. While finding a space can be challenging, the Events Services team's knowledge of spaces can help in finding the best location.

Most on-campus spaces have flexible cancellation policies, so it is always a good idea to make a reservation as soon as you can, even if it ends up being changed.

Some spaces can be reserved beginning eighteen months in advance. However, when reserving a classroom, the Schedules Office will not confirm reservations until class schedules are confirmed for the upcoming semesters.

MITEI's Internal Space:

To book a conference room within MITEI's space in E19, use Outlook to "invite" the space to a meeting.

Room NameEmail Address
MITEI: Large Conf Room
MITEI: Director's Conf Room
MITEI: Inside Conference Room

Classroom Space:

Classrooms@MIT will allow you to view most of the classrooms on campus and will provide details such as the space's amenities and capacities. Classroom space is free; however, it is very difficult to find open space during the semester, especially for lengthy chunks of time. AV equipment is installed in all classroom spaces. You cannot serve food and beverage in a classroom space, but sometimes there is a proximal space where food and beverage can be served.

Larger Spaces: 

The large spaces in buildings E14 (floor 6) and E15 and those in the Samberg Conference Center (E52, floors 6 and 7) are preferred spaces for MITEI events. These are booked through independent systems. Most other large spaces (e.g. the non-classroom areas of the Stata Center, the Student Center, Kresge Auditorium, and more) must be booked through the CAC-Daper Virtual EMS, which requires a special account to use.

For even more ideas, including off-campus options, see here

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