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Event Services is part of MITEI’s larger Communications and Events team. Event Services handles the logistical planning of your event, while Communications directs its promotion and publicity.

When partnering with Communications and Events, your event will be executed using our suite of services and platforms, which may include marketing emails, digital invitations, event registration, and event metrics. Your events team will coordinate incoming inquiries, ensure timely registrations, and accurately note everything from breakout selections to food counts. Meanwhile, your communications team will proof your event materials for consistency with MITEI's editorial and stylistic standards and suggest and implement an appropriate outreach strategy.

To make sure that your materials follow MITEI's editorial and stylistic standards, please share any materials related to your event—such as email invitation language, agenda, and presentations—as soon as you've drafted them. Please allow one to several days for turnaround time, depending on the amount and complexity of materials. Your communications colleagues can help ensure that you have the latest PowerPoint template and catch any typos and other issues before your materials are circulated or presented.

The Communications team can assist you with: 

For all events:

  • Copyediting agenda and other materials and maintaining up-to-date online versions, whether for general public or specified audience
  • Managing registration for your event through EventBrite (click here for more information on the benefits of registration).
  • Inclusion in the internal MITEI Event Calendar
  • Photography
  • Recordings and/or webcasting
  • Providing materials at the event (e.g. publications)
  • Posting event slides on MITEI website
  • Post-event coverage on MITEI website, as appropriate

Additional services for some events:

  • Promotion in applicable social media channels, MIT and MITEI newsletters, and websites
  • Poster and Infinite Display creation & distribution 
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