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Whether your event requires a simple PowerPoint presentation or sophisticated multi-media resources, the Communications and Events team will seamlessly coordinate and assemble resources for all the audio/visual components of your event. This includes photography, videotaping, spatial lighting effects, sound systems, monitors and more, as appropriate. Not all services may be suitable for every event.


Some questions to think about when planning the audio component of your event are listed below.

  • Do you need microphones for lecturers, panelists, and/or audience members? Will you need to capture audio from all participants? Will there be an audience Q and A?
  • Will you need remote participation options such as teleconferencing or videoconferencing? Will people who are viewing or listening to the event remotely also need to participate?
  • Will any presentations have audio components?


Some questions for you to consider when planning the visual component of your event are listed below.

  • What presentation software will you use? Speaker presentations are generally given in PowerPoint.
  • Do you have the up-to-date MITEI template for presentations?
  • How will presentations be collected? Will speakers bring in their presentations on the day of the event or email them beforehand?
  • Will your presentations require multiple computers and screens?
  • Will some speakers wish to use their own laptops?
  • Will the speaker(s) at your event need a confidence monitor and/or speaker timer?

Photography, Recordings, and Web Streaming 

Some questions to think about when it comes to capturing your event are listed below.

  • Would you like particular moments of your event photographed?
  • Will you need/want to video or audio record any part of your event and is there a specific need for live-streaming or screen-sharing?
  • If your event will be recorded, do you want that recording uploaded to the MITEI website and/or YouTube?
  • Will you wish to have your event professionally transcribed?
  • Do you want slides from your event presentations posted on the MITEI website (either before or after it occurs)?
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